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Do you have an old car that you want to get rid of for cash? Selling or junking old cars can be difficult as old cars do not run and it takes some investment to get rid of them for cash.

Selling junk cars for cash is challenging even if you are familiar with the process because it’s hard to come across a good buyer. Often people show minimal interest in buying an old car that doesn’t run.

If you want to junk your car for cash without investing further into repairs, then Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc has got your back. We buy junk cars and old cars that don’t run and pay the most cash for them.

We specialize in offering junk car removal services for various junk vehicles, free and accurate quotes, free towing, same-day pickup and cash on the spot.

About Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc services

Getting the most cash for junk cars is challenging and tedious. And if your car doesn’t run you may have to hire towing service to get rid of it which is again an extra expense. We are here to help you get rid of your junk car without burning a hole in your pockets.

You can sell your junk car in any condition, without repairing it. All you need to do is get in touch with us and tell us about your car. We will make it as easy as possible for you to junk your car.

Here’s why our junk car removal services are perfect for getting rid of any junk car:

  • We provide an effortless and most efficient way of getting rid of a junk car for cash.
  • We provide utmost satisfaction to our customers in selling junk cars.
  • We provide free towing service and remove the junk car from your location at no extra cost to you.
  • We provide the best and competitive prices for any junk car.
  • We offer fair, reasonable and honest price quotes for junk cars in any condition.
  • We always pay hard cash on the spot so there are no delayed payments.
  • We provide accurate estimations for junk cars and junk vehicles of any age model or make.

Get max cash for cars, trucks and vans in Harvey and other areas of Illinois with us.

Fill out our online form here to get an instant car or call us today at +1 708 663 1010 to get a free estimate.

How It Works

Want to know more about junk car selling? Here’s an overview of all the steps involved in selling junk cars for cash:

Get a FREE Quote

You can start by obtaining a free quote for your junk car by providing your car details over a call or by filling out our online form. We only require basic car information such as make, model, year, age, mileage and general condition of the car.

Get a FREE Pickup

Once you make your decision to sell us your car, you can confirm the same by calling us and scheduling a free pickup. We will take your address and convenient timing to schedule a free pickup for your car.

Get Cash On-the-Spot

We will come to your location with a tow truck and quickly examine your car. We will help you finish the paperwork and prepare to tow the car. But before we leave, we will hand over the cash to you and be on our way.

How to Get Fast Cash for Junk Cars in Harvey, Illinois?

We pay cash on the spot, on the same day that we pick your car. With our fast junk car removal, you need not worry about getting rid of your junk car or getting prompt payments for them. We’ve got you covered when it comes to an old car or junk car selling.

Can I Still Get Top Cash for My Car if I Don’t Have a Title or Keys?

We understand that old cars don’t have keys or tires and you may also lose the title of your car. When you are selling a junk car without a title, just let us know about the missing title when getting a quote. We will do everything we can to help you get rid of your junk car without a title.

We accept various kinds of junk cars, old cars, wrecked cars, and cars in any condition, with or without title when you are the legal owner of the car and the junk car is registered in your name. Moreover, you should also possess the vehicle registration documents.

  • You should be the legitimate owner of the car;
  • Your junk car must be registered in your name;
  • You must possess the vehicle registration documents.

Get the Most Money for Your Old, Junk Car Quickly!

You can make the most cash by selling your junk cars, old cars to reliable and reputable buyers. Still using terms like “Who buys old, used cars for cash? Who offers the best price for junk cars? Reputable junk car buyer near me; the best cash offer for junk cars in Chicago, Illinois; easiest way to get the most cash for used cars? Where can I sell junk cars without a title? Junk car buyers and towers near me; Scrap car buyers near me” and more such queries?

There is no need to advertise in the newspaper or online to attract buyers for your junk car. You can sell your junk car right from the comfort of your home without spending money on advertising.

Don’t wait for the right time to junk your car because old cars lose value quickly as they age. Sell us your junk car and get the most cash for your car with minimal effort.

Call us today to get a free pickup for your junk car!

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