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Do you want to sell your old car for the best possible cash in Summit? We are the best destination for selling old and used cars, in any condition. We will give you instant quotes and provide you with free pickup anywhere in Illinois.

You don’t have to worry about a thing because we will take care of the whole process for you! It will take less than 2 minutes to get our cash offer and about 24 hours to complete the sale of the junk car.

Sell your junk car to Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc for a hassle-free and convenient junk car selling experience.

About Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc services

We have bought thousands of cars in the Summit area and can help your sell junk cars for cash, easily. If you live in Summit or any other location in Illinois and trying to junk your old car, then you are not alone. Driving old cars is dangerous, expensive, and troublesome.

For this reason, several car owners decide to sell their junk cars for cash and either buy new cars or switch to public transportation. Junking a car is more back-breaking than you think. And sometimes it is more of a hassle than it’s worth.

However, if you are looking to junk your cars in Illinois, then you are in the right place. We offer the most cash for junk cars in Summit and other areas of Illinois.


How It Works


We offer a quick, simple and painless way to junk a car in Summit and other areas of Illinois. Our simple and hassle-free junk car removal process will help you get $500-$5000 cash for junk cars ASAP.


Get a FREE Quote


For selling your junk car, first, you will need to get a quote from us. We offer free quotes for all junk cars, regardless of your decision to sell. You can talk to us over a call at +1 708 663 1010 and tell us about your car, or you can fill out the form on our website here.

Based on the information that you provide about the junk car, we will calculate a fair and accurate estimate for your junk car and share it with you within a minute.


Get a FREE Pickup


If you have decided to sell us your junk car, you can give us a call and schedule a free pickup at your location. We offer free same-day pickup for junk cars, so feel free to enquire about it.


Get Cash On-the-Spot


Our carrier truck will arrive at your location and our team of experts will make a quick examination of the car. Once we are satisfied, we will complete the related paperwork and tow the junk car to our truck. Then we will give you the cash in hand and take the junk car to our lot.


How to Get Fast Cash for Junk Cars in Summit, Illinois?

Getting the most cash for junk cars is the easiest way to get rid of the old car and free up some space. We help people get rid of their old car in the most convenient and efficient way.

Car owners often refrain from junking their old cars because they adore them and do not wish to part ways from them. However, when you junk your car with us, you are making complete use of your old car. We make sure to use all the useful parts and see that nothing goes wasted.

Junking your car with us is probably the most profitable and efficient way to get rid of your old car because we also pay top cash for junk cars.

Just give us a call at +1 708 663 1010 and get started on junking your car for cash.

Can I Still Get Top Cash for My Car if I Don’t Have a Title or Keys?

Wherever you try to sell your junk car, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle. This is necessary because all buyers would want to know that you are the legal owner of the junk car. A few junkyards buy junk cars even without the title. However, additional paperwork might be required to sell your junk car based on your location.

If you have lost the title or the keys to your junk car, don’t worry because we accept your junk car without title or keys. When you obtain a quote from us, you should specifically mention the missing title and our representative will guide you with the process.

Get the Most Money for Your Old, Junk Car Quickly!

If you own a junk car and are looking to sell it, we can pay you the most cash for it. We buy junk cars in any condition and give you the highest cash than any other company. Our junk car removal services are available at your convenience. We can pick up your junk car at any time that you want us to. You won’t find another company like us that pays the highest cash for junk cars and offers free towing.

So what are you waiting for? Get the top cash for junk cars in Summit by filling out our form here.


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