Step By Step Instructions For Selling a Junk Car For Top Dollar Cash

Step By Step Instructions For Selling a Junk Car For Top Dollar Cash

Do you own a scrap car that you want to sell, but do not how to get started with selling the scrap car? You will be surprised to know that you can make $500 to $1500 off your scrap car.

In Chicago, Illinois selling a junk car can be a little bit difficult. But we have come up with a really easy way to sell junk cars easily and earn fast cash from them. It only requires a little bit of research including the worth of your junk car and the price quote offered by scrap car buyers near you.

Once you are through with the research, you’ll know how to sell a junk car for top dollar cash. Here are the various steps involved in selling a junk car for top dollar cash.

Step – 1: Get Your Junk Car Ready For Sale

Before you start with the actual selling, you need to prepare your junk car for the sale. Do the following things before selling your junk car for cash.

Evaluate Junk Cars’ Condition

Evaluate your junk cars’ condition before obtaining a price quote. You can get a good price quote if you possess accurate details of your junk cars’ condition. Consider the following points while evaluating the cars’ condition.

• Is your junk car damaged beyond repair?

• Is your junk car drivable or immovable?

• Check if there are any areas that are severely damaged.

• Look for expensive parts like the GPS or the alternator of your scrap car.

Gather your Junk Cars’ Information

When you’ve decided to sell your junk car for cash, you need to be ready with all the essential information. It includes the Cars’ Title, Year, Model, Make, Mileage, Damages(if any), and its condition. You’ll need the Title for your vehicle or any other proof of ownership to prove that the vehicle belongs to you. Only then you’ll be able to sell your car to scrap car buyers.

Take out any personal belongings

We often leave our personal belongings like documents, notepads, etc. in the car. Make sure to check thoroughly before you put the car on sale. Check inside your trunk, under all the seats, seat pockets, under your floor mats, glove box, etc.

Step – 2: Find a scrap car buyer and get a quote

Do not sell your beloved car to just any scrap car buyer near you. Look around a few places for reputed and reliable buyers who pay cash for junk cars. A reliable scrap car buyer will be one with a license, gives you a fair deal, and provides satisfactory customer service. You can search for scrap car buyers online by typing various phrases in the search engine like who buy junk cars near me, who buy junk cars without title, who pays
top dollar for junk cars, and so on.

Once you find such reliable scrap car buyers, tell them about your vehicle and get a price quote from them. The price will depend upon the completeness and weight of the junk car. Scrap car buyers usually sell off the different parts of junk cars and then send the junk car to steel shredders. Hence, you will get top dollar for junk cars if they are

Step – 3: Compare Price Quotes

Compare the price quotes given by various scrap car buyers. If you are not in a hurry to get rid of your junk car, then take your own time and pick what’s best for you. Some scrap car buyers pay higher cash for junk cars if you take them to the scrap car buyer’s lot.

If your junk car cannot be driven then you will need to hire a tower to take your junk car to the junkyard. Few scrap car buyers like Cash For Junks Cars –Smart Tow Inc. offer FREE Towing services. Opt for such buyers if you do not want to spend more money on selling junk cars.

Step – 4: Transfer Your Junk Car

Choose any of the following modes to transfer your car to the scrap car buyer:

• Drive your car to the junkyard

• Hire a tower for towing your junk car

• Request the scrap car buyer to schedule a pick-up for the junk car

Remember, not all scrap car buyers tow the vehicle for free, they may charge separately for those services. You need to clarify this with them before making a deal. Few scrap car buyers schedule a pick-up based on your convenience with no extra charges.

Schedule your FREE Pick-up today here.

Step – 5: Finish the Sales Paperwork

Certain paperwork needs to be done to complete the sales process. You will need to hire a title clerk to do the necessary paperwork for the sale of junk cars.

In case you do not want to go through the trouble of hiring a clerk, just find a scrap buyer who will take care of the paperwork. If you sell your junk car for top dollar cash , you do not have to worry about paperwork. We’ll do the paperwork and take your signature wherever necessary and that’s all.

Step – 6: Get Paid In Cash for Junk Cars

A reliable and reputed scrap car buyer will always pay the negotiated amount of cash for junk cars. You should beware of scrap car buyers who try to negotiate again and pay less cash for junk cars at the time of pick-up.

Cash For Junks Cars – Smart Tow Inc. always pays up the amount which is quoted. We offer a fair deal to satisfy our customers and pay cash on the spot for junk cars after the pick-up.

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