Making the most money is the main motive behind every business. Similarly, the junk car industry thrives on by buying and recycling old, junk cars. But there are few buyers who try to make more money by scamming their customers.

If you are trying to sell your junk car but do not have any prior experience, then you can avoid scam by learning more about junk car selling.

Don’t Sell Junk Cars Without Title

Title is the most important document required in junk car selling. The sale of a junk car is complete only when you sign over the title to the junk car buyer. It is the legitimate method of selling junk cars. But if you don’t have the title of your junk car, few junk car buying companies take care of the paperwork.

Sometimes, the buyer does not cancel the vehicle registration which is mandatory. It incurs late fees and it is sent by the buyers for towing and storing your junk car in their lot.

Take The Cash For Junk Car Upfront

Junk car buyers often quote a price for the junk car and lower their price when they actually buy the junk car. Several buyers adopt the bait and switch tactics to save up their cash. Few buyers even promise to take care of the transportation of the junk car. But they deduct the transportation charges from the amount paid for the junk car. In the case of such buyers, negotiations rarely yield any positive results. You can avoid getting into such an unpleasant situation by choosing a reliable buyer.

Don’t Hand Over The Paperwork Too Soon

Never transfer the title or any paperwork to the buyer until you receive the cash. And do not hand over the junk car to the buyer unless you are paid the promised amount of cash. Don’t sell your junk car to a buyer who wants to pay on a later date or via other means. If you want to get the best price for your junk car without getting scammed, then you should look for buyers who pay cash on the spot.

Avoid Worthless Incentives

Few junk yards offer other incentives like free coupons to entice the junk car owners. You should be very cautious in such cases. These coupons can be discounts to amusement parks or holiday offers. Usually, these coupons have certain terms and conditions and have a fixed validity of limited time.

Junkyards never reveal this but they offer a few hundred dollars less than the car’s value to make up the difference by providing coupons. Sometimes it might appear as a sweet deal but the coupons are not worth the amount you lose in your junk car’s cash value.

The best approach would be to accept the complete cash value for your junk car’s worth and avoid any other forms of incentives.

Failure To Offer Free Towing

When selling junk cars, sellers expect the towing cost to be included in the cash offer of the junk car. Majority of junk cars are sold because they reach the end of their age due to inoperability. But if the junk car still runs then towing service will not be necessary.

In case of junk cars that don’t run, towing and transportation will be required. Tow truck drivers charge fees for towing the junk car from the location. They might refuse to tow the junk car to the junkyard if the seller doesn’t pay. To avoid getting into such a mess, you should enquire about the towing service before closing the deal. If you do require towing and the junkyard doesn’t offer free towing, then you can look for a buyer that does.

Unlicensed Junkyards

Sometimes junk yards operate without a license and do not have any online presence. Before finalizing a deal with the junkyard, you should check the online reviews of their services. Few junkyards try to buy cars in good condition for cheap and resell them to make top dollar cash. Other buyers make even good cars seem utterly worthless so that they can buy these cars for a few pennies.

You can avoid getting underpaid for your junk car by doing proper research online. You can go through the junkyards websites and find the most reliable one to avoid scams.

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Cancel Your Car’s Registration And Get Your Plates

Before completing the sale of your junk car, you should cancel the registration and remove the plates from the junk car. Do not rely on the junkyard to do this for you and do not ask them to do it as it is very important in junk car selling.

If the junkyard does not cancel the registration on your behalf and anything happens to the junk car after it is sold, it will be traced back to you.

Do Not Fall Into Traps Of Offers Significantly Changed

Some junkyards will try several tactics to convince you to sell your junk car to them. They may also provide a high price quote that is way too higher than any other cash offer. But when you take the junk car to their lot, the cash offer changes significantly. They might switch and offer you less cash than mentioned in the price quote by saying that your junk car is an old model or in worse condition. If you still wish to sell the junk car to the same junkyard, then you should ask for any clarification.

Junkyards that are located at a long distance from your place may try this tactic because if you traveled such a long place to negotiate a deal, you wouldn’t want to return empty-handed.

You can always walk away from a cash offer that is not an exact value of your junk car’s worth. Even if you are too desperate to sell your junk car you should never settle for just any cash offer. You should negotiate a fair deal and get the cash that is worth your junk car.  Or you can obtain a price quote from a reputable junk car dealer and stay away from disreputable and dishonest businesses.

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