Need Extra Cash for the Christmas Season? We Pay Max Cash For Cars in Any Condition!

Need Extra Cash for the Christmas Season? We Pay Max Cash For Cars in Any Condition!

Does your old car in your garage feel more like junk lying around? Are you looking to get rid of the junk car that is ruining the view with its hideous looks? We will take the junk car off your hands and give you cash on the spot!

This is not a Christmas special offer and the holiday season has not arrived early. We offer free junk car removal and fast cash for junk cars all year round.

Your junk car doesn’t run? No problem because we offer free pickup for junk cars in Chicago, Illinois.

We want your junk car regardless of its condition. Whether your junk car runs or not, we will buy it. Even if the junk car’s engine has been damaged beyond repair or the other major problems such as transmission failure have become routine, then contact us today and avail our free junk car removal service.

If you have an old car that doesn’t run and is a hassle, then call us at +1 708 663 1010 to schedule a free pickup at your location. Also get cash on the spot, right there. And if that wasn’t enough, we offer same-day pickup for junk cars so avail our 24-hour junk car removal.

Why Are Cash For Cars Services Required In The Holiday Season?

No amount of cash will suffice during the holiday season and with the holidays approaching; some extra cash will prove to be very helpful. Decorations and presents are not going to buy themselves anyway. And your old car is not getting better anytime soon. This is why the best possible solution is to get rid of it for cash.

We Buy Junk Cars and Junk Vehicles and Pay Top Cash For Them

If you are looking to get some extra cash during the holiday season in Illinois, Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc has got your back.

We buy junk vehicles and pay the most cash for them regardless of the condition.  We buy junk cars of any make, model or year and we buy old cars, scrap cars, damaged cars, wrecked cars, dilapidated cars, cars without title, cars with no tires, trucks, vans, SUVs, and used cars, no matter how old they are.

Even if your car is just a pile of scrap metal sitting in your garage, we will buy it. We will help you get rid of your car and free up some space while you can enjoy some extra cash.

What’s The Overview Of The Cash for Cars Process?

Our process is super easy and simple, really.

First, Get A Free Quote

When you decide on selling your car, call us at +1 708 663 1010 and get a free quote. We will ask you a few questions about your car and based on the information given by you, we will send you a fair and accurate quote. Make sure to provide accurate information about your car so that we can provide you with our best cash offer.

Accept our no-obligation quote and schedule a FREE pickup

We will come to your location and tow the junk car ourselves at no extra cost to you. Getting some extra cash shouldn’t require spending some cash.

Usually, junk cars reach the end of their life and are no longer in drivable conditions. To make things easier for you, we offer free towing for junk cars. Our team will arrive at your place and tow the junk car away for free.

Receive Your Payment For The Junk Car

No delayed payments when it comes to providing cash for junk cars. You don’t have to wait to receive your payment for the junk car. We will give you the cash right away after we’ve towed the junk car. You can complete the sale of your car from the comfort of your home and get some extra cash.

If you have experience in selling junk cars then you should know how long it takes to find a suitable buyer for a car. While one can endure the waiting, it’s not pleasant to have a junky car lying around during Christmas time. Don’t bother yourself with all of that and get fast cash for your junk car without spending a penny.

Call us now +1 708 663 1010

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