All You Need To Know About Selling An Out-Of-State Junk Car

All You Need To Know About Selling An Out-Of-State Junk Car

Have you finally made up your mind about junking your old car? It’s immensely difficult to sell a junk car and make a profit out of it. One might feel that junking a car and clearing some space is fast and effortless. Moreover, you can make top cash by selling the junk car in its current condition.

But how do you sell a junk car that isn’t registered in the state where you are trying to sell it?

Selling a junk car that is from out-of-state is similar to selling a junk car without a title. Most of the junkyards mandate car owners to provide the title when selling the junk car.

However, if you want to sell an out-of-state junk car, there are still a few ways to go.

Is selling an Out-Of-State junk car Legal?

No, it’s not legal to sell an out-of-state junk car. The information about the junk car should be transferred to the current state where the junk car is being sold before the scrapping begins.

The main reason for this is to prevent the destruction of vehicles used for crimes. Disposing vehicles in other states would pose a major threat to the law enforcement of the nation.

However, there is still a legitimate procedure to sell an out-of-state car.

How To Proceed With Junking A Car In A Different State?

Looking to sell your junk car for cash while living in a different state is definitely a tough spot. You may want to sell your junk car for some extra cash or just to clean up space or because it is no longer useful.

Sometimes maintaining an old car becomes a hassle due to the overwhelming repair costs that eventually outweigh the car’s value. At this time, the most convenient option becomes selling the junk car for cash. However, various states follow a specific procedure of junking cars and you are required to follow the guidelines provided by the states.

How To Find Junkyards When Living Out Of State?

Finding a scrapyard when living out of state is a back-breaking task. There are numerous tasks and problems involved in finding a reputed junkyard and going through the whole process of scrapping your junk car.

The procedure may include getting an estimate for your car then scheduling a pickup for your car. Some junkyards do not offer free pickup and in that case, you will need to transport the car to the junkyard at your own expense.

The Easy Way To Junk An Out-of-State Car

In this dire situation, Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc can help you resolve the problem of junking a car. Our junk car removal services are spread throughout Chicago and its suburbs, covering almost all the locations.

We can provide you fast junk car removal service at any location in Chicago, Illinois. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the towing charges, because it is free! We offer free junk car pickup and the fast junk car removal.

Our main motive is to make junk car selling easy and hassle-free regardless of the state you are in. When you sell us your out-of-state junk car, we will handle the necessary paperwork to ensure everything goes smoothly with no hassle.

Moreover, we offer the highest cash for junk cars in any condition, in any location in Chicago. All we want to do is make sure that junk cars are evaluated at their original worth and also ensure that you get the most cash for junk cars.

Can I Sell My Junk Car Without A Title?

A title and registration are mandatory for selling junk cars. The title and registration serve as proof of ownership therefore they are vital in selling the junk car.

No junkyard will accept junk cars without the title, in any condition. In order to sell your junk car for cash, you should get a copy of the title for your junk car from your State’s DMV.

You can request a copy of the car’s title from the local DMV and provide it to the junkyard when selling your junk car.

What Happens When You Junk A Car?

Scrapyards help in keeping about 11 million tons of steel out of landfills every year. Are you wondering what happens to a junk car after scrapping? The junk car is drained of any fluids before the scrapping begins. Then any useful parts are removed from the junk car. The VIN is taken out of the DMV system of the car to ensure that no one resells your car.

The junk car is then processed further and crushed. The crushed metal is recycled to produce new, useful products.

Several materials found in the junk cars such as antifreeze, mercury switches, and airbags are harmful to the environment and are disposed of. Other useful materials like coolants, fuels, oils are removed and reused or sold.

Now that you know how and where to junk your old car, get an instant quote for your car now with our online form here!

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