Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Junk Cars

Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Junk Cars

Selling a junk car will help you get some fast cash and also free up some space. Lesser junk car means fewer landfills. By selling your junk car, you are also contributing towards a clean environment.

Junkyards that buy junk cars for cash, recycle the cars and this recycled material is used to manufacture new, useful goods. About 85 percent of the car’s external body is recyclable. It means that even if the car does not run, car owners can sell their cars for some good cash.

Selling a junk car might seem simple, but there are several problems and risks involved in it which you must avoid. Here are a few common mistakes in selling junk cars for cash:

Common Mistakes In Junk Selling And How To Avoid Them

We’ve been in the junk car business for over several decades and we’ve heard several scary stories from our customers about their past junk car selling experiences. It’s never too late to learn about the risks involved in junking a car for cash.

1. Not Exploring Better Options

Selling a junk car is not always the best option when planning to get rid of your old car. This is true in a few instances where your car has working parts and you may get a better profit by selling your car as parts. Moreover, you can get a better price for your old car, if it still runs and is of a newer model.

If you do not explore more options before selling your old car, you may suffer loss. This is because junking is not always the most profitable solution for a car. If your car is new then instead of selling it to a junkyard, you can make more money by trading it. So choose your mode of selling wisely to get the most cash for the junk car.

2. Repairing A Car Before Junking It

Junkyards offer a better price for a car that runs and is in a good condition than a car that is completely useless. If a few minor repairs can make your car roadworthy again then it would be wiser to make those few touch-ups. These repairs will be useful if you are planning to sell your car to a buyer.

If you have made up your mind to sell your old car to a junk car dealer then there is no need to get repairs done. That is because junk car buyers usually break down the car and recycle its parts for scrap metal.

3. Not Providing Accurate Information Of The Car

No one knows your junk car’s condition better than you and you must provide accurate information to get a fair quote. You must be transparent while providing your car information to a prospective junk car buyer.

Your car might not be in perfect condition but you can focus on the positive aspects of your car and also mention the damages of the car. You may think that hiding information about damages of the car might help you get a better price but experienced buyers can see through it.

If you Lie about the condition of your junk car and the buyer catches the dishonesty they would become reluctant to buy your car. It may also affect your reputation in the market. Providing honest information about your junk car will help you get a fair price so there is no need to use any tactics.

4. Not Having Proof Of Ownership

The US government mandates car owners to possess the title of the car when selling it junk car for cash. A few important documents that are necessary for selling a junk car include

  • The title of your car
  • Repossession affidavit
  • The storage lot lien
  • Mechanics lien
  • Auction sales receipt

If you do not have the necessary documents then you may not be able to sell your junk car legally. In case you lost your title you can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state to obtain a copy of the title.

5. Being Too Eager To Sell

One of the most common mistakes in junk car selling is being in a hurry to sell.

Research Your Junk Car Buyers

Before closing the deal with a buyer you must make sure that the buyer is legit. Fraud buyers are always on the lookout to take advantage of impatient car owners. They will sense your eagerness to sell and offer you a very low price for your car. That is why you should research your buyer or get quotes from a few buyers before closing a deal.

Research Your Junk Car’s Market Value

Do not forget that haggling may be required to get a fair price for your junk car. You should know the market value of your car before you start looking for buyers. This is immensely helpful because you know how much to expect from your car and you can choose the buyer who is offering a fair price for your junk car.

Don’t Sell Your Car To Just Any Buyer

Although you are selling a junk car, you must remain calm and assess the price quotes from various buyers before selling your car. By doing this, you can get the maximum value out of your junk car.

6. Not Covering Your Bases

Most car owners are eager to get rid of their cars and forget to take care of a few things. If the worst could happen it might cause you problems in the future.

Few mistakes that car owners make include:

Not Releasing Liability

If you do not inform the local DMV about the sale of your junk car you remain protected from liabilities of your car in the future. The buyer might want to fix your car and resell it.

And if any problem arises it tracks back to you. Based on your location, you should fill a DMV form to transfer the ownership of the vehicle and be protected from liabilities.

Not Canceling Insurance

Any vehicle requires an active insurance policy if you drive it. But when you plan on selling your car, you must cancel the insurance policy.


7. Paying Towing Charges And Additional Charges For Junk Car Removal

You can offer to drive the car to the buyer’s location to avoid towing charges. But this is only possible if your car is not totaled and can still be driven.

You should never pay towing charges to the junkyard. The junk car removal must be inclusive of all additional and towing charges. If your buyer does not offer free junk car removal then you must look for another buyer.

8. Leaving Your Stuff In The Car

Make sure not to leave behind any personal belongings in the car. Once the deal is closed, everything inside the car belongs to the buyer. Be sure to remove your license plates, personal belongings, and accessories such as new seat covers, backup sensors, and stereo.

9. Not Being Aware of Common Junkyard Scams

Not being aware of common junkyard scams might lead to problems. Here are few common scams that you can avoid while selling your car:

Selling Your Car Even When Buyers Bait And Switch

Few junkyards might offer a high price when you request quote but when they arrive at your location to pick the junk car they might lower the price. A majority of the owners do not know what to do and sell their junk car at the low price itself. In such a case you should not sell your car and look for another buyer.

Letting The Buyer Tow Your Car Without Being Paid First

Never let the buyer take your car from your premises without paying first. Fraudulent junkyards try to scrap the scam buyers by offering to pay on a later date or through a cheque. You should never fall for such scams and request the buyer beforehand to pay in cash on the spot.

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